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Private Eco & Dolphin Tour in Folly Beach, SC

All ages welcome!

Quick Details

Private Group | 1-2 People
Private Group | 3-5 People
Private Group | 6 People

Explore the Ecology of Charleston on Our Dolphin and Eco-Tour

This private two-hour boat tour is what Folly Beach is really all about! We cruise through calm rivers lined with oyster beds as your captain looks for the bottlenose dolphins. Watching them swim next to the boat is exciting, but if they’re feeding in the shallows, it’s spectacular!

Next, you’re dropped off on a barrier island to search for shells. This is an island where Civil War soldiers fought, died, and are still buried. It’s not only beautiful but also full of history, and you get to enjoy it all with the Morris Island Lighthouse as your backdrop. Not only is it one of the Lowcountry’s treasures, but it is also the sixth oldest lighthouse in the nation!

So as you can see, we have something for everybody on this trip. Enjoy Folly Beach like the locals do! The dolphins are always here, the beach is always loaded with shells, and if you listen hard enough, you just may hear the roar of cannons from the past! So come on and join us! You never know what might have washed up the night before…

What to Bring

Sun protection is always recommended, and coolers are always welcome!

Life jackets are provided for all on board.

About Morris Island

During your 2 hr. Private boat tour we’ll not only see the dolphins but we’ll also get a chance to explore one of Charleston’s true treasures, Morris Island.  This island is adjacent to Folly Beach and is only accessible by boat which means it is usually uncrowded. At Absolute Reel Screamer Charters we not only explore our beautiful estuaries but we also include our areas rich history.  Once at Morris Island we’ll get off of the boat and step back in time. The 54th Massachusetts, which were depicted in the movie ‘Glory’, were the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War. These brave Union troops fought, died and are still buried on this beach in a mass unmarked grave.  We’ll actually be walking the same stretch of sand where the battle actually took place! Over the years I’ve found cannon balls, bullets and bottles from both Union and Confederate troops. So come on and join us here at Absolute Reel ScreamerCharters and have a chance at discovering a piece of history.  If you listen hard enough you just may hear the roar of cannons from the past!

Shells and Artifacts

Morris Island, which we’ll explore for about an hour, offers a chance to make some really unique discoveries. It all depends on the tides and winds as to what we’ll find but it’s always a blast to comb the beach! You’re guaranteed to find multi-colored oyster shells, clam shells of different varieties and possibly conchs and sand dollars. Morris Island has seen a lot over the years so we do find some really unique artifacts out there. Fossilised shark teeth, whale bones, Cusabo indian pottery and Civil War bullets just to name a few. Having explored the island my whole life I’m still amazed at some of the treasures I stumble upon. No matter what we find the whole experience is fascinating for all ages. Absolute Reel Screamer Charters will make your day on the water and on Morris Island a fantastic one for your whole group!