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Dog Policy

Here at Absolute Reel Screamer Charter we take pride in one of the only boat tours in Charleston South Carolina that is dog friendly. There is no need to leave your furry companion behind when embarking on one of our boat charters. Since our boat tours are private you will not have to worry about your dog climbing on other passengers. Seeing as how both dolphins and dogs are really inquisitive, you’d really be surprised at some of the reactions I’ve seen between the two over the years! Once out at Morris Island y’all are free to explore the beach together. As long as it’s not nesting season for our shore birds you can even let your dog off of their leash to run along play in the sand and water! Just bring plenty of water, a bowl and a towel for them to dry off. Let Absolute Reel Screamer Charters show you and your faithful companion an incredible day on the boat. After one of our private boat tours we guarantee that your dog will sleep well!